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"Excellent course, great instructor, learned a lot and will help me in all aspects of my life"

Jacques Ladouceur, Montreal Management Training Seminar attendee
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Understanding Project Management


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Project management is no longer just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments - projects. To get these additional jobs done well, done under budget and done on time they need to be managed.


This three-day workshop is not intended to take you from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager. This seminar will familiarize you with the most common terms and the most current thinking about project management.


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Senior managers, managers,government employees,administrative assistants, supervisors and project managers.

Our seminars are available in person at one of our training locations, in small group sessions at your place of work or online where indicated.  

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